Free Store

Free Store, 2nd Saturday of the month, 10am-1pm
On the second Saturday of each month, members of Servant Church volunteer at Free Store Austin. The store connects people who need with people who need to give through weekly opportunities to shop for free clothing and small household items. The goal is to utilize relationships formed between shoppers and volunteers to transform lives and even systemic problems.

Specific ways to serve at the Free Store:

  • First shift, time commitment 2 hours.
    • Arrive by 9:30am to get the store ready for guests and to choose a task. This is generally a really busy time with a lot to do and a lot of ways to interact. Children can be helpful by playing with the other kids there, helping to re-stock shelves, sorting, helping people shop, and removing empty clothes hangers from the racks. Adults can keep coffee going, help people shop, re-stock shelves, work the “cash register,” enter new members into the computer system, and simply drink coffee with shoppers.
  • Second shift, time commitment 2 hours.
    • Arrive by 11:30am to continue running the store and begin cleaning up. This shift is usually MUCH more quiet and not as good for younger children. We need people to help with the above jobs mentioned but also to sweep, wipe down tables, and clean out the coffee pot.

The store is always in need of donations, namely toiletries and household goods. Check out their website for drop off hours. Talk to Abby with questions.

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