Monthly Potluck

Monthly Potluck, Last Saturday of the month, 11am-2pm (meal at noon)
On the last Saturday of each month, we invite our neighbors and friends to share in a potluck at Servant Church. It is a time of community, conversation and loving our neighbors. The meal is held during JFON immigration clinic so that those neighbors can enjoy the meal with us. The hope is that this could always grow into something deeper and more meaningful the more we connect with neighbors. Feel free to just show up to be fed, or bring a dish along to share! 

Specific ways to serve at the Monthly Potluck:

  • Be part of the inviting team, time commitment–1 hour
    • Invite people we know from Maplewood Elementary who are food insecure. This is a great activity for anyone, but especially good for people with kids who are able to walk. It’s a lot of fun to hand out invitations to a party. You can sign up to invite on Sunday after church (we can eat together afterward!) or Friday evening at 6pm. You will be with an experienced “inviter”. 
  • Set the table, time commitment–1 hour
    • Arrive by 11am to set up for the potluck. We need to put tables out, make lemonade, set out trash cans, and assemble to-go grocery sacks. We also need people to grill burgers and hot dogs.
  • Give rides to neighbors, time commitment–30 minutes
    • Pick up people at 11:30 to get them to church by noon.
  • Serve the food, time commitment–1 hour
    • We can have enough for everyone if we serve portions. We are also healthier that way! You’ll be working from noon-1pm. Older children (10 or so) can help with this.
  • Eat together, time commitment–1 hour
    • Be present to the people around you and ask them questions. Try to meet someone new. We will also have some conversation starters at each table, if that helps. Noon-1pm.
  • Child Engagement, time commitment–1.5 hours
    • We would love to have children work and play together. We need people to make this happen from 11:30-1pm. You can come up with a project or ask for help and ideas from Kristen Hillert, our Family Ministries Coordinator.
  • Give rides to neighbors, time commitment–30 minutes
    • Help people get home from 1pm-1:30pm.
  • Clean up, time commitment- 1 hour
    • Arrive by 1pm and leave by 2. Wipe down and put away tables, put away chairs, sweep the floors, do the dishes, and take out the trash. It can be hard work, but it prepares our church space for welcoming people on Sunday.

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