Austin Justice for Our Neighbors

Justice For Our Neighbors, Last Saturday of the month, 9am-2pm
On the last Saturday of each month, Servant Church hosts the Austin Region Justice for Our Neighbors clinic for low-cost immigration legal services. Six to ten people meet with an attorney to begin cases that may move them toward some kind of documentation or give them the peace of mind that there is nothing they can do right now.

Specific ways to serve at Justice For Our Neighbors:

  • Hospitality, time commitment–3 hours
    • Arrive by 9:30am to set up chairs, set the refreshments table, put out signs, and get the space ready for guests. Once people begin to arrive, be a friendly and helpful presence. Clean up refreshment table at the end of the legal clinic and reset the room for worship the next day.
  • Child Engagement, time commitment–3 hours
    • Arrive by 9:30am to set up child engagement area and greet people. This person may bring their own children with them, understanding that primary focus is hospitality for our guests. This service is for clients who may want to leave their children while they meet with the attorney or the folks doing intake and pre-intake. It also allows the children to have fun in the same room as their guardians while they wait. The Child Engagement people play games, draw, read, and keep children occupied. They also clean up their space at the end of the clinic.
  • Intake and Pre-Intake, time commitment–2-3 hours
    • Arrive by 9:30am to be prepped by the attorney. This group of servants will interview clients and generally need to be fluent in Spanish. They gather information that the attorney will need during the consultation. This work requires the gift of listening and the ability to hear difficult stories.


The clinic takes appointments from 10am to 12pm, and welcomes guests to stay after for our church community meal. To make an appointment, email, or call  512-270-9883.

To get involved with volunteering at the clinic, email Abby or sign up below!

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