Sundays: 12th & Airport


This East Austin life group, called The Penn Pals, meets on Sundays from 5:00 – 7:00 pm.

We consider ourselves to have a very laid back, relaxed vibe, and we all come from different backgrounds, so whether you are a new Christian, a rehabilitating Christian, or a non-Christian, your voice and perspective will be valued in our group. We strive to develop strong friendships, openly discuss topics related to the Christian faith and what it means to follow Jesus, and support each other in our efforts to love God and love our neighbors.

There are several families with kiddos in our group. To help strike a balance between contemplative discussion/prayer time and more boisterous “full group” time with the kids, we’ve come up with a unique meeting schedule:

1st Sunday of the Month: Guys meet by themselves at Dan/Britt’s house for prayer/bible study; Girls meet with kiddos at Luke/Lisa’s house

2nd Sunday of the Month: Girls meet by themselves at Dan/Britt’s house for prayer/bible study; Guys meet with the kiddos at Luke/Lisa’s house

3rd Sunday of the Month: Everyone meets together at Dan/Britt’s to share a meal together

4th Sunday of the Month: Usually a fun event out in the community (eat out somewhere, go to a park, etc..) or a service event. This 4th Sunday is flexible.

Talk to Dan Wheeler for more info about the Penn Pals life group and meeting locations.