Mondays: The Thicket

mondaysthicketlifegroupmapOur group meets on Monday evenings from 6:00-8:00 pm at the Thicket food park located at 7800 S 1st street when the weather is nice. With all the food trucks, there are lots of options food-wise. If the weather is bad, we meet at the house of Jade and Adam Diaz nearby.

Our group has a very low key and pretty relaxed vibe. Our intention has just been trying to get to know each other better. Most of us have small children so there are plenty of distractions, but we see the kids as an important part of our community/family.

We’re still trying to figure things out and may be changing things up a bit, but we love to welcome newcomers!

For more info, email Adam and he’ll make sure you know where to find us.