Mondays: I-35 & Rundberg

mondaygroupmapThe MLK & Airport life group meets Monday evenings at 6:15-8:30 pm at Josh Cook’s house in Northeast Austin.

Typical meeting: Tomfoolery for 15 minutes, announcements and group stuff for a few more, then we go into a group discussion for about 45m centered around either a biblical topic or the lectionary readings. We sometimes share faith stories and are planning to sing together in the near future. After the study, we split into groups of boys and girls to share joys and concerns in prayer.

General Vibe: A refuge for the rude, quirky, jaded and tired, we are welcoming to newcomers and share an earnest desire to learn about our faith. We’re blessed to have some people who know their stuff when it comes to the Bible – but most of us don’t, and we make sure to keep the boffins in their place. The group is aptly named “Prayer and a Pint.”  As alluded, adult beverages are often present – though not required.

Kids are welcome and are some of the best-behaved members of the group. The babies stay with us and often distract us with their adorableness. Older kids hang out in a separate room and watch Netflix. We have lofty dreams about providing a kids discussion. Kids come in and out as they please during the evening and we have a lot of room for grace!

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