Abby Parker Herrera

Abby is a Deacon in the United Methodist Church and works for both Servant Church and Young People’s Ministries (a part of Discipleship Ministries of the United Methodist Church). Her main role at Servant Church is helping us live into our name by creating service and worship opportunities that allow us to live into our calls to justice, mercy, and compassion. If you need to know how to make friends with people that scare you, call Abby. She’s an Air Force brat so if you ask her where she’s from she’ll probably say “Nowhere”. She’s lived in San Antonio TX USA, Reidenhausen Hunnsruck Germany, Fort Worth TX USA, Biloxi MS USA, Binsfeld Eifel Germany, San Antonio TX USA, Fort Worth TX USA, Atlanta GA USA, Vienna VA USA, and now Austin. Abby is married to Rev. JD Herrera and they have three amazing kids. JD serves a church in Smithville so if you want to meet him, you’ll have to come over for dinner or a pool party.

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