Inviting. Becoming. Demonstrating.

Servant Church’s vision is to be a people who are inviting, becoming, and demonstrating God’s love in Austin.

Inviting our neighbors and God’s guidance – Because God has invited us to come near, we will show radical hospitality to others. We will meet people where they are, and listen. We will continue to invite God’s Word and Spirit to form us.

Becoming connected to God and each other – We will be honest about being a people on the way. God’s redemption is an ongoing process. We are becoming knit together as a family, as the body of Christ. We are seeking to become more like Jesus. We find a life following Jesus to be both attractive and challenging.

Demonstrating the love and hope God gives – We live out our faith in the world. We seek to make God’s love tangible for each other and our neighbors. We will be a “demonstration plot” of God’s grace and mercy, exploring together God’s desire for the world.