Core Values

We think we’ll be “inviting, becoming, and demonstrating” if we can celebrate and practice these values:

Jesus – we trust that Jesus, the Messiah, revealed God’s love in the world. We see true God and true humanity in the life, love, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We want to respond to God’s love by living the way of Jesus, by God’s help. We need God’s Spirit that empowered Jesus.

Community – we believe that church is not a building or a program, but a group of people doing life and mission together. We want to be a family and a movement.

Worship – we believe that Jesus is Lord, and worthy of our praise. Worship happens not only on Sunday, but in the way we live our whole lives. Jesus calls his followers to live counter-culturally and represent the kingdom of God. Worship requires action and change.

New and old – we can embrace and appreciate tradition while asking questions to make it relevant for us today.

Bible – we trust that God speaks through the Bible. The Bible tells God’s story of love and redemption, and it is a story that we find ourselves in.

New creation
– God’s rescue program offers more than just life after death. Salvation begins here and now for our transformation and the healing of the whole world.

Mission and service – the church is mission. Making the love of God known in the world, locally and globally, by words and by actions, is why we exist. Love serves, seeking the good of the other.

Hospitality – all are welcome, and all have gifts and a voice to contribute. We will listen. We want to welcome and eat with the people Jesus ate with. We will meet people where they are, as they are.

Brokenness – we recognize the destructive impact of sin, but know that God’s love is bigger than our sin. We confess the church’s complicity in such past and present sins as slavery, genocide, hypocrisy, and prejudice. We will speak out against injustice and work toward just relationships and systems.

Humility – we recognize that God is bigger than the Church, and is always active. We are imperfect, but seeking to grow into God’s purposes.

Honesty – we will always strive to tell the truth, most of all about ourselves.

Unity-in-diversity – all people are of great value, made in God’s image. Diversity is a gift to the whole community. Every member is a minister, with unique gifts for loving God and loving people.

Process – faith is a journey we are all on; not a guilt trip or a status symbol. We can invite people to see and follow Jesus, while also valuing questions, dialogue, and mystery.

Generosity – we aim to share what God has given us. We try to live more simply so we can share more.