Week of 1/23: JFON Emergency Clinics, Sexuality & Gender Series Continues

Sexuality & Gender Series
Starting January 15, we began a 7 week sermon series on sexuality and gender, and how we can receive those as gifts from God and discern God’s calling for these parts of our lives. You can hear the first sermon in the series on our website. We recognize that the wider big-C Church hasn’t always done that well, so let’s pray and encourage one another to press in to authentic and vulnerable conversation together! Let’s seek the good healing and transformation God has for us.

Life groups are an important part of how we grow as a community, and how we engage our questions around this and other hard topics. They began discussions of sexuality and gender in conjunction with our sermon series in the week following 1/15.

We’re starting 3 new groups during this series, if you’re looking for a short-term or gender-specific way to be a part of the sexuality and gender conversation.

  • Sundays: At 9:30am beginning January 15th, join leaders Jessica and Derek Miller as they begin a new Sunday morning Life Group. All are welcome. The first study the group will do will correspond with the Sexuality and Gender sermon series. There will be childcare available. Questions? Please email Pastor Valerie or Jessica.
  • Women’s Group: Monday nights at 7:45, join leaders Helen Heston and Sam Watkiss for a new women’s only short term Life Group. They will meet near 41st & Red River, contact Helen at 512-633-9444 or email questions to discuss the Sexuality and Gender sermon series and study guide. Questions? Please email Pastor Valerie, Helen or Sam.
  • Men’s Group: Men’s Sexuality and Gender Life Group – Interested in joining a men’s only group to discuss our upcoming sermon series? Please email Pastor Valerie or Mike Kiser.

Financial Peace Workshop: Started Sun. 1/22, 12:30-2:30pm

Does the amount of money you have dictate the amount of hope you have? Would you rather listen to nails claw down a chalkboard than talk about your budgeting life? Have you considered what it means to you for money to be fully integrated into your life, including your relationship with God?

Registration has technically closed, but see more information and contact Rev. Carrie Graham at carrie@thechurchlab.org if you have questions or want to consider late registration.

“Servant Church Aspires” Update
What are we grateful for, in our corporate and individual lives?  What are we dreaming with God of becoming as a church?  And how can we give our gifts to help us move toward those dreams and aspirations?  We’re collecting 2017 ‘estimates of giving’ for the rest of 2016.  You may fill out the Servant Church Aspires form both at Servant Church or from your home at www.servantchurch.org/give.

We aspire that 100% of those committed to Servant Church prayerfully consider to give something financially (we happily received an estimate of $1/week).  We also aspire to support you in all of the non-financial ways you serve with your time, talents, and ideas. Talk to Dusty Harshman at langhugh@gmail.com if you have any further questions about the Servant Church Aspires series or church finances.

Evensong with Holy Communion: Sundays, 5:30pm-6ish
Our contemplative Sunday evening worship will return in the New Year. We’ll share a simple liturgy, a few songs and readings, times of silence, and communion. By joining together to quiet ourselves, we hope to connect with God, recalibrate our spirits, and prepare for the week ahead.

There won’t be childcare, but there will be art materials. If your kids are noisy, that’s ok – Evensong will be rough around the edges anyway! Older children are encouraged to join in. If any of them would like to lead a prayer or reading, we’d be honored to hear from them. Contact Ben Wright if you have questions.

Giving Gears, a Mechanical Ministry: Sat. 1/28, 10am-noon
How long has it been since you’ve had your oil or air filter changed? If you don’t remember or the sticker on your windshield is staring at you accusingly, come see us for a low cost oil change and other safety checks, maintenance and repairs. Every month, on the last Saturday, we welcome all volunteers and clients. Let’s keep Austin’s wheels rolling!

Bring tools, jacks, and ramps if you have them. Talk to Nick Reith with any questions.

JFON Emergency Clinics: Sundays 1/29, 2/12, 2/25
A coalition of attorneys are providing emergency consultation clinics to the community over the coming months. We’ve been asked to provide child engagement although there are a number of ways to volunteer (see the end of this message).  These clinics will be for anyone wondering whether they should apply for DACA during this little window or if they should renew DACA.  There will also be a “Know Your Rights” presentation.  Please feel free to invite people you know to this clinic if they have these sorts of questions.

Dates of the clinics are:
Sunday, 1/29, 3pm-6pm

San Jose Catholic Church
2435 Oak Crest Ave.
Austin, TX 78704

Sunday 2/12, 2pm-5pm
St. Helen’s Catholic Church
2700 E. University Ave.
Georgetown, TX 78626

Saturday 2/25, 11am-2pm
[TENTATIVE- Akins High School]

We need volunteers for all these clinics! We particularly need bilingual (Spanish-English) volunteers and immigration attorneys. We can use non-Spanish speakers for childcare and check-out. Please email (esteglich@law.utexas.edu) if you are interested with your availability. Volunteers will need to be at the clinic sites one hour prior to the starting time for training and assignments.

Rethink Leadership: Sat. 2/4, 9:30am-3:30pm at Bethany UMC 
Mark your calendar for the annual “Rethink Leadership” training event that offers workshops and resources for Capital District laity and clergy. Workshops will offer resources connected to JFON immigration clinic, FreeStore, youth ministry, social media in ministry, as well as personnel, facilities and finance teams.

Childcare is available with advance registration. Check out the Facebook event or contact Eric for more info.

New East + South Life Groups
We are excited to announce the addition of two new life groups in addition to the new Sunday morning group and short-term sexuality & gender discussion groups mentioned above:

East: Tuesdays, 7:30-9:30pm – at the Vogt’s – down the street from the church space. Email Valerie for more info.

South: Every Monday, 6-8pm, meeting at The Thicket at 7800 S. 1st St. (they’ll rotate houses when there’s bad weather). The group will be reading Brian McLaren’s book We Make the Road By Walking. Email Catherine Harper for more info.