The Gentle Wolves – God of the Dead Remix (yes, you read that right)

Thanks to regular Gentle Wolves contributor Ben Wright for this remix of one of our favorite songs at Servant Church, God of the Dead.
Here’s a link to the mp3.
Below is the story behind the remix from our favorite Britt.
– The Gentle Wolf, Richard


When I asked Richard if he wouldn’t mind me remixing a one of The Gentle Wolves songs, I was a little wary about what I was asking. After all, it would be a little cheeky to go up to Eric and request a transcript of his sermon so that I could rewrite it for a future Sunday!

A remix can be a creative reimagining or a lazy episode in recycling.
Some remixes are very good –,

Some, not so much –

The Gentle Wolves recordings are wonderful and my aim with remixing God of the Dead was certainly not to ‘improve’ upon it. Instead, I wanted to rethink it, while staying true to both the song and the point of the song.

When a song is produced, musicians and singers are recorded – the resulting ‘stems’ are then mixed and then saved as an MP3. Technically, the remix is very simple – Richard sent me the stems and I mixed them differently. I also added a few instruments on a keyboard (some trumpets near the end, some synth sounds and a drum loop) and used a few effects (like echoes and panning.)

I wanted to reimagine the song with an emphasis on ambience and meditation. I think those attributes really come out with synths and loops – there’s something quite celtic about electronica music and I hope that churches will see begin to see it more as a valid and feasible style for church music.

To me, creating Church Music is about creating songs – and styles – that we can sing congregationally. One of the reasons I love old hymns is because of how singable they are. Simple tunes suit the live set ups, acoustic instruments (Guitars, Drums, pianos…) and volunteer involvement that the musical life of a faith community should be defined by. I think that it’s getting easier and easier for volunteers to perform with electronic instruments live (loops, pads, samples etc…) Therefore, I hope it’s a possibility we explore more in the future. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the remix!