When are we inviting

Where does inviting fit into our lives? Being inviting, being one who possesses the gerund, the quality of inviting is different from the actual act itself. To walk up and speak and ask and convince and remember and follow up: these are the ways of inviting and they are a consistent challenge, the key word being consistent. To invite once or twice, to be open to others once in a while is completely manageable and understandable. In the threefold language of Servant Church (inviting, becoming, demonstrating) inviting seems the easiest way to set self-imposed limits. “We don’t want to overexpose,” we say to ourselves. “We don’t want to burn bridges,” we say to ourselves.

Perhaps it is the interior monologue found in personal responses to inviting that is most challenging. While becoming and demonstrating are obviously community based, it is only in our community that we, as individuals, can be truly inviting. When invitations are personal challenges, they do not describe how we live and move.

The where we go from here after two years in weekly service concerns deeply how embedded these habits continue to be and how we continue to transform our own personal as well as corporate habits to  blend with the growth and evolution of the Servant Church community