Make it Known

Sunday Reflections are short comments inspired by the preaching at Servant Church.

Paul is in prison for preaching the Gospel. He invites the early church to join him in devotion through prayer. He reminds us that we are devoted to God and that God is devoted to us; demonstrating a posture of dependence, of listening. And he essentially asks us to pray that more of what happened to get him in jail keep happening.

At the time, as now, many Christians ask, ‘How do we live under the empire and still obey God?’ Paul says that  we don’t have to work for it! We don’t have to struggle with what to do! The mystery is revealed; Jesus is how we know both what to do and who God is! And everyone needs to know! Jesus is both the treasure map and the treasure.

Paul asks for God to open a door for The Message; he insists that the Jesus movement must go on, with or without him.  This is on all of us, but God will open the door. The Colossians, like us, must have been scared. But Paul says, ‘Pray and ask God, He will do his part.’ What is our part? How will we pray? What is your part? How will you pray and how will you pray?

  • ‘Make the most of every opportunity.’
  • ‘Love people.’
  • ‘Don’t be boring.’
  • ‘Make grace your way of speech.’
  • ‘If you pray for Him to open doors, He will.’
  • ‘Life your life to make people ask the questions for which Jesus is the answer.’

Jesus is making Himself known through His people; where are we asking God to open doors; in our sending, going, eating, singing, serving, giving, sharing? Prayerfully, let us take up one of these. Our task is to create points of connection, to knock on doors both literally and figuratively, and to pray more. It’s God’s job to open doors, it’s our job to be salt.